Through our aim to provide superior products and services, we are focused to provide patients with better access to high-quality, cost-effective medicines.

Together with our customers and partners, we are creating a sustainable future for healthcare. Toward that end, and as part of our strategy, we must move ahead to satisfy the needs of our clients, suppliers and business partners, with the goal of surpassing their expectations; to consolidate efficiency and technology in the distribution and marketing of our services;, equally relevant markets.


Our vision is to become the leading pharmaceutical company that import and distribute a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and consumer products nationwide. By strengthening the long-term business connections and by establishing partnerships in the fields of development, product supply and marketing.

The company was incorporated as HLN Phil Trading Inc. on Feb. 24, 2006 as a corporation company registered with SEC. HLN Phil. Trading Inc. is a pharmaceutical company duly registered with the Food and Drug Administration as an importer and distributor of Generic pharmaceutical products and medical supplies. Our products are currently distributed nationwide, where we established our presence by focusing on important alliances with local distributor companies. HLN geared up its trust and resources to actively join the competitive market of the pharmaceutical industry by establishing its office in Makati for a nationwide operation.

HLN strongly believes that we should be on the cutting edge of innovation; in order to cater the present and future needs of our clients. Thus we are working on adding more product lines to further meet the increasing demands of our industry. We hope to continue our business of serving the people by putting priority on client satisfaction, unquestionable product quality with high market acceptability.

It has been our endeavor to provide high quality products at very reasonable prices. All the products we offer are registered and approved by FDA for the Philippine market. It aims to help poor people to attain and maintain healthy lifestyle by providing cheap but quality medicines.


  1. To help people live healthier long lives.
  2. Quality focused and loyalty.
  3. We believe in honesty, freedom and fairness in all our dealings.
  4. Service to the medical community and the people it serves.
  5. To be known for its unquestionable integrity and well-coordinated teamwork.
  6. Pursuit of excellence.
  7. Our core values also include accountability for its actions, transparency and insight in the working of the organization.
  8. To deliver the best quality in promised time and ensure value addition by world class quality and unmatched services.
  9. To provide a stable supply of top-quality pharmaceutical products.

Accreditation and Membership

  • Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) since 2012, PHA is a government hospital.
  • Private Hospital Association of the Philippines (PHAPi) since 2015, PHAPi is a private hospital.
  • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (Phil) Inc. since 2013.
  • Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PHILGEPS) since 2013.
  • Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Phils. Inc. (CCIP) 2018.

Regional Activities

  • Joined 37th Annual Convention and Exhibition for Private Hospital Association of the Philippines (PHAPi) last Nov. 14-15, 2017 at Century Park Hotel Manila.
  • Joined West Metro Medical Symposium & Expo 2017 in Zamboanga City. held in Garden Orchid Hotel Zamboanga last September 28-29, 2017.
  • Joined Luzon Regional Management Conference in Baguio held in Baguio Country Club, last July 28, 2017.
  • Joined Mindanao Regional Management Conference in Davao held in Apo View, last April 21, 2017
  • Joined 36th Annual Convention and Exhibition for Private Hospital Association of the Philippines (PHAPi) last Nov. 23-24, 2015 at Century Park Hotel Manila.
  • Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) also held their 64th Annual National Convention at SMX, Pasay City, Manila last November 20-22, 2013.
  • Joined Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) Regional Conference in Davao held in Apo View last August 25, 2013.
  • Joined Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) held its Regional Conference in Cebu last July 21, 2013. HLN Phil Trading, Inc. is one of the sponsors of Region VII and VIII convention.

Administrative Documents

  1. SEC certificate Articles of Inc.& By – Laws
  2. Mayors / Business permit
  3. BIR registration Certificate
  4. VAT registration certificate
  5. Corporate TIN
  6. LTO
  7. Certificate of Product Registration (FDA)